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Honorary Doctorate Degree Program
The Honorary Degree is a college degree which is awarded to someone who has not fulfilled the requirements for graduation.  Generally, honorary degrees are used to recognize someone’s significant contributions to GMOR Theological Institute of America, or in their community.  GMOR presents honorary degrees at commencement ceremonies, or may hold a special ceremony for the recipients of honorary degrees.

GMOR Theological Institute of America Honorary Doctorate Committee requires all nominees to submit a resume, biographical sketch, including all accomplishments, photo, and three letters of recommendation.  The Committee will take into account the criteria, principles, and guidelines approved by the elected Board of Trustees.

In awarding honorary degrees, GMOR accomplishes several purposes: It pays tribute to those whose life and work exemplify professional, intellectual, or artistic achievement.  It recognizes and appreciates those who have made significant contributions to society, the state, and the GMOR Theological Institute of America.  It highlights the diverse ways in which such contributions can be made and it sends a message that principles, values, and contributions are important.

Honorary degrees may be conferred upon those who have achieved distinction through outstanding intellectual or creative achievements, or through outstanding leadership in education, business, public service or other appropriate sectors of society.


GMOR Theological Institute of America requires all honorary degree recipients to choose a level of “Honorarium Contribution” all donations of $7,500 or more will be given a lifetime “Sponsoring Member and GMOR Theological Institute of America Alumnus” status.  The minimum Honorarium Contribution is $5,500.

Your Contribution will be given to our various philanthropic programs including, but not limited to:

  • GMOR Scholarship Programs
  • GMOR Community Work
  • GMOR Academic Contributions
Nominees chosen by the GMOR Theological Institute of America’s Committee on Honorary Degrees are forwarded to the Institutes Board of Trustees.  Nominators will receive notification once the process is complete.